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    Minimum Technology Requirements for CJA counsel

    In accordance with the Federal Defender's mission, those attorneys, and their staff, appointed under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) should be proficient in the use of e-mail programs, word processing, spreadsheets, ECF filing, the searching of electronic data, or any other software programs that may be used in any federal criminal case.

    The following are minimum technology requirements for CJA counsel:

    • PC or Mac computer, including a DVD/CD writer, speakers and USB ports to utilize external hard drives and thumb drives
    • Printer
    • Scanner with ability to convert paper documents to PDF/A format
    • Secure high speed Internet connection
    • A web browser - Windows Internet Explorer preferred
    • Multi-media player such as Windows Media Player
    • Word processing program – Microsoft Word preferred
    • Presentation, database, and spreadsheet software – similar to what is available in the Microsoft Office Suite
    • A PDF program with writing and reading capability, plus the ability to create searchable PDF documents
    • Anti-virus software configured to automatically run security updates
    • A Zip file application such as 7-zip
    • An individual e-mail address for the attorney that is private

    Regardless whether CJA counsel use Apple or Windows based computers, their computer hardware should support the minimum requirements for currently releases of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications. Since some litigation support programs do not work with Apple operating systems, CJA counsel who primarily use Apple based computers should have access to a computer that uses a Windows operating system.

    Attorneys should anticipate the need to upgrade their computer and peripheral equipment a minimum of every five years. Upgrade decisions should be based on what hardware and software will provide the best functionality and compatibility with future versions of CM/ECF and CJA eVoucher. As the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts urges courts to support Internet Explorer, functionality will be better supported using the Internet Explorer browser.

    NOTE: Computer equipment, software, and training are a part of each lawyer’s overhead expenses and are not expenses that will be paid by the court.

  • CJA Form 23 Financial Affidavit
  • Fact Witness Voucher
  • Interpreter Roster (scanned image, not searchable by search engines)
  • CJA Guide to Judiciary Policy
  • National CJA Reference Tool
  • Property Bonds
  • Forms
  • Training Handouts (see secured documents)